So as i mentioned in my last blog this is the recap i will be doing. Hope you enjoy.


Im jumping straight into rollercoasters because they were my favourite part of this holiday. Before florida i had never really gone on much rollercoasters, par one small one in disneyland paris which dad tricked 7 year old me to go on. I was going to do my top 3 favourites for all of these, but i loved the coasters so much ive extended this one to a top 7 because there was 3 i couldnt choose between for a top 5 and im lazy. Here they are:




4.Rip-ride Rockit



1.The Hulk Coaster

The hulk was the first real coaster i went on. I had went on space mountain previously so i thought i would be fine, but nothing prepared for the hulk. Sheikra was good as just as your about to go down the drop the cart stops, so your just hanging there looking down. Rip ride was pretty cool because you could listen to music on the ride. The 2 and a half hour wait wasnt great though, and having rain hit you at 65mph is kinda painful. Manta is whats called a flying coaster. You’re sitting down in the seat and the bottom of the seat pulls up behind you so your belly is facing the ground. Definitely a weird sensation going through the loop.The last 3 (or first 3 however you look at it) were good coasters but all kinda the same.


Im switching back to top 3 now for this one.

3.Magic Kingdom (disney)

2.Universal studios

1.Busch Gardens

Busch gardens was definitely the best for roller coasters with universal a close second. Magic kingdom was all round good as it had a lot to do for any age. Not on here but definitely worth a mention is seaworld. It only had two coasters but they were two of the best.


Because a roller coaster isnt the only thing to do.

3.Swinging boat (Cant remember what its called)

2. Dr Dooms fear fall

1. Tidal wave

Tidal wave was a wet ride in case you didnt know. Not much to say here.


3.Hard Rock Cafe

2.Tony Romas

1.Longhorn steakhouse

Hard rock cafe is actually inside of universal.





Tough choice this one

That pretty much wraps it up i suppose. If i think of anything else ill add it in.



Florida W2D16

Today me dad and nate got up early to got universal to do all the rides in harry potter land. i enjoyed them all especially the forbidden journey. I also did the dragon challenges and the flight of the hippogriff. Then we did the fear fall ride in superhero island.For lunch we got an oven pizza. When we got home we had a swim and went for a walk. For dinner we tried a couple restraunts including longhorn and a seafood place but we settled on a place called the wildside grill or something similar. We then got home. I wont do a blog for our last day because it wont be very exciting. Well maybe if you find a 10 hour flight exciting. So that ends our florida holiday. It was great fun and we all enjoyed it. I will add pictures of universal later. Thanks for reading!

(After this i will do a sort of recap where i go over my favourite restaurants, places to go etc.)

Florida W2D15 (4th Of July!!!)

Since most of the parks would be full today we decided to go down international drive. We stopped off in toys r us and a couple other shops. Then we went to tony romas for dinner. There wasnt as much shops on international drive as i was expecting. Then we went back for a swim. Again sorry for the short post but ill make tomorrows one longer.

Florida W2D14

Today we went to the water park auqatica. We did a few slides before the rain came. We went home before it got worse.we went to walmart aswell.  Later we got dinner in longhorn steakhouse which was my favourite restaurant so far. We also went to a shooting range and shot a glock 22.

Florida Gun Range 014 Florida Gun Range 022 (Medium) Florida Gun Range 029 (Medium)

Florida W2D13

Today we went to the other half of universal. Me dad and nate did the rip ride rockit first and waited 2 and a half hours for it. it was worth it though you could listen to music while you rode. Then we waited a further 2 hours for the transformers ride which was a lot like the spiderman ride.  Then we did twister and the revenge of the mummy. We then got dinner later in the hard rock cafe that was the biggest in the world.

Florida 5 004 Florida 5 012 Florida 5 027 Florida 5 038

Florida W2D12

Today we went to Hollywood studios, another of the Disney parks. We got a couple rides done in the morning and then we fast-passed the tower of terror. It was well named. Then we went to fast-pass aerosmith roller coaster and we went home for a while and got soaked in the rain. And i forgot to mention about or frog friend who was on the window sill this morning. We went home for a while, got some dinner and then went back to Hollywood studios. After doing the aforementioned ride we went to magic kingdom to see the parade and the fireworks. Then we went back home our frog friend had gone but an even larger one had taken his place.

Florida 3 (63) Florida 3 (88) Florida 4 021 Florida 4 073

Florida W2D11

Today we got dinner with anne and eric in a place called houlihans. Then they went to the airport. Meanwhile we went to universal again with the intention of doing a few rides we missed and watching the midnight show. When we got there though mam felt sick so we went back home. Mam then stayed home when the rest of us went to super target. We then went back home for a swim. Mam feels better now 🙂

Florida W2D10

Today we went to seaworld. I managed to do kraken thrice and manta twice (im too lazy to add links so go find them yourself) We went back home to get in the pool with anne and eric. Eric made chicken for dinner.

No pictures again today 😦



Florida W2D9

After an overnight stay at bob and lins house we went to busch gardens early in the morning. We did the three of the big rides (sheikra,Kumba and montu) and a couple other small ones like the flume. Then we went back to bobs for some dinner. We went home after that. Anne and eric stayed there. Bob showed us some more of his army gear too.

240 190 220

Florida W2D8

Today the plan was to go to erics brothers (bob) house in tampa. Along the way we stopped at old navy to get some clothes. We then arrived at bobs house. He had a barbecue ready for us for lunch. After that we went next door and got in the pool. Then we had another barbecue for dinner. Before dinner bob who is an army veteran showed us his “collection”. This composed of three bayonets, five or so rifles, copious amounts of ammo and some army gear including a gas mask. Later that night we set off some fireworks and sparklers.

photo (1) photo 102 132 135 150 170