Kerry 2012

We have just gotten back from a very enjoyable week in Kerry.We all had great time and hopefully we might return later in the year. After the long drive up we collected the key to the house we were staying in.The house was perfect and the view was even better.Later we went to Carens house. The next day we went to mass in Lispole ad had lunch in Carens.After that we walked around Dingle and shopped.Later we went down the fields in Paul and Bridgets farm and went to Tommy and Margarets house.In the evening we had a barbecue in Carens. The next day Michael went back to Cork.After breakfast,Leigh,Gary and the kids went to the Oceanworld Aquarium,whilst we went to Play at Height.My favourite thing we did in Kerry,Play at Height has loads of different climbing walls ranging from the simplest flat wall to a wall simulating a cliff face.They also have an outdoor High Ropes course which we didn’t get round to until later in the week.We spent 1 hour and a half there and after a quick bit of a lunch         we went to the beach for a swim. On Tuesday we went the Aquadome in Tralee(no pictures fro this one obviously).We also went shopping in Tralee and went for dinner in Paul and Bridgets later. The next day we did the Slea Head Drive and had a pint in the iconic Paidi ‘O Sheas pub.Today was also Aarons 16th birthday, so we had a pint and ordered Chinese later in the day. On Thursday we drove to Killarney.The first thing we did was visit Mucros House,a very nice place but very overpriced.Second of all we went to the Torc waterfall.Now,the plan was after this we would go see the gap of Dunloe,but thanks to Dad’s super navigation skills we ended driving the Ring of Kerry.Long story.I would have enjoyed it more had I not been feeling ill and Lauryn and Nathan weren’t peeing and puking in the bushes.After a VERY long drive we had a much needed Burger King and went shopping.

For our last full day in Kerry,me and Aaron got round to doing the outdoor High Ropes course at Play at Height.Later on we went to one of Grandad’s favourite place’s in Kerry,Minard Castle.Whilst we were there we had a shot of whiskey in his honour.Well,everyone except me,Nathan and Leigh and Gary’s kids.You may be wondering why Lauryn had some whiskey and not me.The reason why is because me and whiskey don’t go well together.A couple nights ago we had some whiskey for Grandad’s anniversary.Let’s just say there was a lot of gagging,coughing and spitting out that night.Afterwards we met Caren,Paul and their kids for a drink.That night all of the Kerry Galvins came out to our house.


The next day we headed home and met Michael for lunch in Cork.

Well,that’s all that happened in the very enjoyable past week.Hopefully next year we can come here again.I have to go now and get ready for school tomorrow



One thought on “Kerry 2012

  1. johngalvin says:

    well done Jordie, great write up.

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