Florida W1D1

(Over the next 17 or so days i will be doing one of these every day. I have a bit of catching up to do as as im typing this its day 7.Enjoy!)

And so it has begun. After a long 9 hour flight we are here in Florida.It all began this morning at 3.30am when mam and dad woke us all up. We then got into the car and drove to dublin airport. We got some break fast up there. Then we got on a short flight to Gatwick. From there, the 9 hour flight started. We were flying with British Airways and the service was quite good. The food even had taste! When we landed in Orlando, we drove for a while to pick up the keys of the house. It was raining when we landed but it was still warmer than an average nice day in Ireland. We got a few things in Walmart (HUGE place!) and then went a home. At this stage (about 11pm) we got dinner in McDonalds. Then we went home and went to sleep.



This was on the way to gatwick from dublin in case you were wondering


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