Florida W1D2

We didnt plan on doing much today but we still kinda did. It started off with a quick dip in the morning before we set off to some place to get these kids eat free coupons. No one had absolutely no clue where we were going because last night we were driving in the dark. But of course dad thinks  he knows everything (must run in the family nate) and starts driving in a random direction. Fast forward 3 hours and we decide to use the ipad which got there and back in the end. So after this whole ordeal we bought a satnav. Along the way we got burger king for lunch. Later we went to ponderosa steak house which was lovely. The one thing ive noticed about restaraunts in america is free refills. If i come across a restraunt here that doesnt have free refills i will be shocked

Florida 2013 017


The pool


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