So as i mentioned in my last blog this is the recap i will be doing. Hope you enjoy.


Im jumping straight into rollercoasters because they were my favourite part of this holiday. Before florida i had never really gone on much rollercoasters, par one small one in disneyland paris which dad tricked 7 year old me to go on. I was going to do my top 3 favourites for all of these, but i loved the coasters so much ive extended this one to a top 7 because there was 3 i couldnt choose between for a top 5 and im lazy. Here they are:




4.Rip-ride Rockit



1.The Hulk Coaster

The hulk was the first real coaster i went on. I had went on space mountain previously so i thought i would be fine, but nothing prepared for the hulk. Sheikra was good as just as your about to go down the drop the cart stops, so your just hanging there looking down. Rip ride was pretty cool because you could listen to music on the ride. The 2 and a half hour wait wasnt great though, and having rain hit you at 65mph is kinda painful. Manta is whats called a flying coaster. You’re sitting down in the seat and the bottom of the seat pulls up behind you so your belly is facing the ground. Definitely a weird sensation going through the loop.The last 3 (or first 3 however you look at it) were good coasters but all kinda the same.


Im switching back to top 3 now for this one.

3.Magic Kingdom (disney)

2.Universal studios

1.Busch Gardens

Busch gardens was definitely the best for roller coasters with universal a close second. Magic kingdom was all round good as it had a lot to do for any age. Not on here but definitely worth a mention is seaworld. It only had two coasters but they were two of the best.


Because a roller coaster isnt the only thing to do.

3.Swinging boat (Cant remember what its called)

2. Dr Dooms fear fall

1. Tidal wave

Tidal wave was a wet ride in case you didnt know. Not much to say here.


3.Hard Rock Cafe

2.Tony Romas

1.Longhorn steakhouse

Hard rock cafe is actually inside of universal.





Tough choice this one

That pretty much wraps it up i suppose. If i think of anything else ill add it in.


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