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Florida W1D7

Today me dad and aaron went to kennedy space center which was definitely my favourite place so far. We watched a small movie in the imax theater before going to a different theater. Heres the good part. As we were watching the movie a small part of the screen became transparent showing the atlantis shuttle. I thought it was just part of the film. Then suddenly the screen lifted up and there the actual shuttle was. It wasnt supposed to be unveiled til the 29th. Very unexpected. Then we did a couple more things and went home. We got tgi fridays for dinner.

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Florida W1D6

Today we found out that our rented car was broken ( mam or dad probably has story on facebook). When we got out of the airport we went to the florida outlet mall. We thought it was going to be very cheap but it really wasnt. We got lunch in the food court there. Later that day anne and eric came. Eric made burritos for dinner. Florida 2013 067

I had no pictures for today so heres a squirell

Florida W1D5

Today we went to a different park in disney called epcot. It was good, definitely not as good as the other parks. We did test track, a space sim and a nemo ride. We got sandwiches for lunch. We still had a bit of time so we went to magic kingdom to do big thunder mountain which was closed the day we were there. We got a different chinese buffet for dinner and guess what? Free refills.

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Florida W1D4

Today we decided to go to universal. We got up early then drove straight to universal after a big breakfast.Me dad and aaron went to straight to the hulk coaster. It was mad. Search it in youtube. Anyway we also managed to do the spiderman ride (3d). And thats when the rain came. It started off slow then it suddenly picked up. We waited about 20 minutes and it still didnt clear so we put on our ponchos and walked in the rain. As so soon as we got to the car park it cleared again. For dinner we searched for a chinese restraunt first which never showed up,then we found a dodgy looking chinese buffet and we finally settled on an irish tesraunt called branigans. It was nice but the wait for food was kinda long.

Florida 2013 169 Florida 2013 168

Florida W1D2

We didnt plan on doing much today but we still kinda did. It started off with a quick dip in the morning before we set off to some place to get these kids eat free coupons. No one had absolutely no clue where we were going because last night we were driving in the dark. But of course dad thinks  he knows everything (must run in the family nate) and starts driving in a random direction. Fast forward 3 hours and we decide to use the ipad which got there and back in the end. So after this whole ordeal we bought a satnav. Along the way we got burger king for lunch. Later we went to ponderosa steak house which was lovely. The one thing ive noticed about restaraunts in america is free refills. If i come across a restraunt here that doesnt have free refills i will be shocked

Florida 2013 017


The pool

Florida W1D1

(Over the next 17 or so days i will be doing one of these every day. I have a bit of catching up to do as as im typing this its day 7.Enjoy!)

And so it has begun. After a long 9 hour flight we are here in Florida.It all began this morning at 3.30am when mam and dad woke us all up. We then got into the car and drove to dublin airport. We got some break fast up there. Then we got on a short flight to Gatwick. From there, the 9 hour flight started. We were flying with British Airways and the service was quite good. The food even had taste! When we landed in Orlando, we drove for a while to pick up the keys of the house. It was raining when we landed but it was still warmer than an average nice day in Ireland. We got a few things in Walmart (HUGE place!) and then went a home. At this stage (about 11pm) we got dinner in McDonalds. Then we went home and went to sleep.



This was on the way to gatwick from dublin in case you were wondering